Name ideas for my new discord server

Yeah…i just need ideas for it! Im going to give the link when its done!

Have a good day

(Also if you have ideas with my name on it it had to be oskukso!)

Pixel Worlds PVP Server

Since I’m assuming you like pvps (your name yesyesyes)

Pvp part is from old name >:(
My real name is oskukso
Good idea tho

Enderman’s Purple Cave

I dunno, not really creative with names.

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Stop pvpenderman stuff please
Its not my discord name and its my old name but i cant change my name on forums

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Can you atlest describe or tell what you like about the game,

Can you also give us details either your server is for public or private, what’s the reason/purpose of the server.

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It will be public…
I like hmmm…dark items? Nether? I sure like the bosses
It will for pw and stuff that i will tell later
And my name is oskukso

Ngl man, it is hard to think of a name specially if we don’t think the same and alr left the game…

PW Stuff or PW Discussion

  • Might be common or boring or anything, that’s all I can think off… Mind asking ppl in discord too? They might help you :wave:

Edit > btw, hi osu! :smirk:

Yeah but thanks

pvpenderman gamer boys club minecraft fanclub

What about Pixel Worlds Scam Assist where you can find people who will help you set up scams to get rich fast in game!

Other Exo Fan Server

Trust me, people will come flooding in if you name it that

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How about PW Forumers / Pw Forums it would be great!

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How about Pixel Games World Server and Fun

The Void :man_shrugging:

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