Need a list of all pw creators (official and small ones)

Ok sooo i will do something and for this, i need a list of all the active pw creators, official and small ones. What i mean by active is… they upload at least once a month and their last videos is 3 months old max.

I know i can find official creators on the wiki but… i also need small pw creators (minimum 100 subs).

Thanks in advance for those who will give me the names.

List of the most active creators i know

  1. serxan

thanks for reading


We are going to find it as hard to make a list as you are i suggest since your the one who wants it you do it yourself because i doubt there is a list of them all somewhere you will just have to do it manually.

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I already started, i just made this thread to not forget about some small creators because i can’t remember all the names.

I need small creators that do good content like Hisko, jeftric, The pixellorian etc etc…

Minimum 100 subs isn’t a good look. You should do every single pw content creator regardless of the subscribers or view count.

Quality over quantity.

Well i don’t want to take too small creators who only have like 20 subs and nobody know about… 100 subs is good enough to find some good content creators.

Then say that or else it would be unfair to them.

So is retnos meant to include me if i made a new account with 1 video.

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He could but it really doesn’t matter anyway since most of the PW fan base watch profit videos more but I think I’m making a difference because my short movie hit over 5k views in less than 3 weeks.

The more pixel world youtubers there are, the better it becomes for the game.

vomp pw in 2017-2018