Nether Buff plz

Is there any update on the supposed “new dimension” that takes place instead of nether buff? I hope nether gets buffed cuz for me it is somehow under appreciated.

‘‘Oh plz plz Nether Buff plz plz’’
Suggest things properly.

Since @Jake is the new Lead Designer, soon or not we will get an update to nether.

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Well this has been requested for years now, and there was some talk about a potential nether buff in a stream a few months ago so it might just happen :thinking:

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buffing the nether world has a slight issue. If you are lvl 10 in a clan then you’re already getting 100% more gems, so if it was buffed you would get way too much profit.

Buffing the nether would still not hurt. Look it that way if we compare it to fishing and mining in terms of gems nether is nowhere near to be good. Also secret base event is better than nether in terms of EXP. Both nether and secret base give you the same amount of exp but you can do secret base a lot quicker only problem is that it comes once in a month.


I’m pretty sure it’s actually better when you include to entrance price. One nether scroll is like 100 gems, and you get like 1000 back from it. So it’s maybe not the best for later players, but it’s extremely good when you’re starting out.

With a 100% gem boost it might not fall behind that much. Fishing and mining require sets to be bought first but nether world does not require a set.

Yeah but that requieres a level 10 clan and so much gems to be spent on reaching reputation level 10

Pretty sure there’s a lotta gear good for nether :face_with_raised_eyebrow: like the laser sabers, epwrs (has damage boost) etc. Also a miner can do the same amount of gems+ from 1 key a nether slayer can get for 1 hour. Level 10 clan also buffs mining a little bit at least with the exp .

Why so salty? hahahaha I was just stating that it is very unprofitable for players which are like lvl 50 or so. It only helps players who are starting out which leads stable players to mining because it is more profitable for them than waste time on nether when they don’t have a clan. So please don’t make a scene cuz I was just stating a suggestion :yawning_face:

I was just suggesting it cuz players who are already stable only find profit in mining more faster which under appreciates nether for the players who have already established some funds. It would be nice if they add a boss dungeon which only unlocks when you reach a certain level besides the mini-boss.

I speak in behalf of people who don’t have a lvl 10 clan as you are saying :grin:

But what about if you already have funds to go mining would you still deem nether as relevant?


You didn’t even mention half of what you just said…

Then don’t invalidate others suggestion. You
sound straight up rude by saying “stop asking”.

Then don’t invalidate others suggestion. You
sound straight up rude by saying “stop asking”.

I didn’t tell you to stop asking, I told you to suggest properly, because your title just sounds desperate. Im not invalidating your suggestion :neutral_face:

You were the one who is exaggerating it. I just put 1 plz and u are making me sound desperate by putting a lot of plz :joy:

That was pretty much my point. It’s extremely profitable, giving something like 1000% profit, but that’s because the entrance price is so low. For mining, you aren’t getting 1000% profit, but the total is still way more just because the entry price is higher.