Network problems everytime i enter the mines/netherworld

5G internet, usually stable when I only roam around worlds and stuff. whenever I use mine keys, nether scrolls, or deep scrolls, it gets to red ping and relogs me in the game, losing most of my keys, scrolls during these times. I lost so much bytes because of how much scrolls/keys I have wasted because of this issue. its been 2 days already, and I still get the same issue right now. i cant even complete a single netherworld run or mines these past days. Really frustrating
I play the game on steam, windows 11

Is your device upto date ?

Are you roaming via a wifi hub or direct off the device?

Also is the device too full (no memory)

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good idea, ill try to clear my memory up, thank you. also yes, i am using a wireless router, im playing on a laptop so no ethernet cable for me

Try and at least reboot your router/hub as well. You may be able to update that too!
Good luck

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there is a possibility that 5G is too strong for pixel worlds

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