New dare video out! Soo dare me more!

Hello guys my New dare video is now out!
Reply New Dare’s below!

Dare’s #3 :

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hey ty for taking 2 of my dares! :smiley:
And i like the add!

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Thank you so much dude♥️

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Bump- bump dare me bumb

Add someone as a friend :smirk:

I dare you to surprise with something that’s an expensive item that one player who has wanted it for a long time, been with you for a long time and you have truly trusted him/her.

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I dare you to donate 5 wls in world named " Midup "

Bump bump!
Dare’s #4 released!

Comment new dares below!

i dare you to finish my parkour SUMMERAWAITS
there are 3 caves one of them are the end

i dare you to buy crescent tongue potion and go to the nether go to the nether find vendor give the potion for bp and create the blueprint after that donate it in VANOTEMPATAPI (do this not the 10 days ago i dare for you)