New dynamic hangout world

What do u guys think?

That’s just SUOMI but English, I think?

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Also OFC it’s CK who owns the world, because he is a tIeR 5 aDmIn while Jake is just a T3 pEaSaNt.

If only CK interacted… if only. But no, because other admins are apparently more important than the ENTIRE COMMUNITY.

In case you forgot why he doesn’t interact community check the thread where you complained about it.

also if you’re too lazy to check thread then answer is just: It’s not his job to interact with people here, he could, but he also has his own life too.


Damn, you put much emphasis lol, bro these replies for dumb threads keep making me laugh :rofl:

You see why I wrote that here? It’s not like he has to post daily posts and spend 2 hours talking to the community, but he for sure DOES have time to post at least once every couple months outside of private subforums.

chill dude hes trynn help you.

Maybe stop complaining about every thing?
just shut up and move on, it was explained why CK doesn’t interact with community in previous thread.


damn, but fr @Ondrashek06 u gotta stop making threads bro, we aren’t trynna be harsh to you but just slow it down and maybe figure out things for yourself instead of relying on other peoples opinions all the time. But if you really need help, then talk to the moderators if urgent but even better then upload threads.

How does he have time to post in private subforums then?

It was literally only one post which i guess was first post ever made in these forums to test emojis, etc.

Do you have tier lists for everything🤣

No, this will hurt the social worlds that we already have.

He didn’t propose this world to be added, he asks about opinion on it. It already exists.

No, the tiers are authority levels. CK is T5 as he’s the CEO.

please stop with this nonsense @Ondrashek06. there isn’t any admin tier or whatsoever and there are reasons why CK doesn’t interact with the community and stuff. now stop complaining about all this little stuff like CK being the owner of the worlds, like who cares if he is or isn’t the owner. like seriously, it is really annoying to deal with your complains.

the admins aren’t here to satisfy your own needs.


damn u really went in on him dawg

Yes please stop ondrashek.