New Fishing items

Ive had the idea for a long time to add 2 new items to the game.
1: Golden Fishing Rod (Daily Bonus/Old Altar)
“The shiny reflection of the rod attracts fish!”
faster strike
Same as Carbon Fiber Superior with the increased strike rate.

2: Fisherman’s Ring (Daily Bonus/Craftable from Fish Fashion Guy in Pixelstation)
faster strike


Really cool gear ideas! But if it becomes a Old Altar or craftable then what should be ingredients for them?

Cool idea. Flagged post though. It belongs in ideas etc.

What you said is a complete lie. Do you even read? It literally shows you what flagging is for, and as you can see, the OP hasn’t edited the subforum and it’s been an entire day. What you described is only one of many reasons you can flag something.

Edit: Also you’re better off not saying those things. Try censoring it

Maybe the fisherman ring makes the fish go slow