New idea for the Game (Ranks)

What do i mean by new Ranks?

This could be a whole new thing for the mmos out there.


Hardcore Rank ( You will receive a hardcore rank ingame ). You can choose it yourself before creating the account.

Now a hardcore rank is a rank the only way to obtain items is by playing the game, you can’t interract with players or the player shop. You can only use the what the game offers (Quest, daily spin etc…)

Why all this extra stuff?

Well some players (me) we like to grind for our stuff, and to get the items to our name without buying it from players. It gives more value to the in-game expereince.

Collection- log (Book)

Imagine a book in the game, when you click on it all the items of the game appears in sections.

For every section you finish, ( You can receive a item representing that “section” or a block.

So lets say you click on the halloween tab ( Then it will display of all the items you have received by yourself )

What are the benefits of this?

PROS: Competetive gameplay, something new to spice it up. A whole new playstyle.

Cons: GRIND!!!, But this is not the end of it, what if we also implemented a system with the hardcore game mode, if you die 3 times you lose the rank and you go back as a normal player.

I honestly think this is a great idea for the gamers that likes to grind, and make things more nerve wrecking (dopamine TO THE MAX) Hehe

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