New mini game

so i have thought of this cool mini game to play with ur friends. so there a team of 5 of both light clans and dark clans and they all fight but they all will fight paint ball gun with 60 armor or smth and last team wins

and there could be like a paintball mini event for players to play against each other would be a cool thing to have in pw.

this is what i am waiting for a long time
different than mine but very good

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PvP really needs to be reworked, it’s a feature that has a lot of potential, but isn’t executed well. PvE is great though.

yea i saw yours and i thought would be a cool idea! Sorry if i copied you in some way.

its okay but yours better than mine

yea but on this one you use the faction battle lock :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds like fun! :smiley:

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Oh, you’re talking about a player-made minigame, I thought you were talking about a new feature.

well yea i was talking about both actually the bottom sentence was for a new potential feature and the top one was for people who wanted to do a paintball mini game that why i said “bring 5 of dark and light clans”

Yes, more minigames please! Paintball sounds fun. :smile:

good idea carlos the boss

There is actually huge clan battle event hosted by @Raizens
The prize is 500wls

It’s hardly got any potential considering people are playing with anywhere from 250 ms to perhaps 300 ms latency.

Similar to mine but with different limitations and less players.

That applies to any online game though, and look how well other games have been able to pull it off.

Not quite. In most games (e.g. MLBB, Dota 2, CSGO, PUBG, etc), they have specific servers operating on each region so NA players will be matched with another NA players and so forth. This causes the latency to NOT be an issue (with functioning decent connection, players expect anywhere from 60 ms to even 3 ms). This is not the case with PW since everyone has access to every world. This means one server caters the whole world (e.g. the server is at the US but it has to cater people from Russia, Japan, Phillipines). This is what’s causing the intense latency that’s almost never been found in any other games unless the players decide themselves they want to play at their neighbor region server.