New Player for pixel world

i’m a new player, ive been thinking to buy gems with $100, buy cheap 20 wl or 30 wl or cheap set, but the thing is before i waste money idk how to profit like what is profitable is fishing profitable, also what farmable is good. i look at pixel worlds videos before you say dont get hacked or scammed. please help second post thought if people are active here or in help/feedback

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Okay so…

If you like :fishing_pole_and_fish: Fishing:

  • Buy a Bamboo Rod (Superior) or Fiberglass Rod (Superior), then go to the shop and buy a lot lures. After all that you can try to go to the World: BEACH and fish there.

  • Orbs is important and matters for Fishing. - (If you want to catch a specific fish, faster and easier)

  • Depth is important and matters for Fishing. - (1 Block of Water/Liquid = 1 Depth)


Example: If you wanna catch: Herring - (3 Depth is best)

Example: If you wanna catch: Kingfish - (2 Depth is best)


If you like :pick: Mining:

Get the Crappy Pickaxe of course, then start do a lot of Level 1 Mines to upgrade your Pickaxe to the next one. - (You can probably spend some wls on Ingridients to make your progress faster)

  • Use any pieces of clothes, that gives Armor :

:white_check_mark: Normal / Physical Armor .
:x: Elemental Armor .

  • Later switch slowly Armor Clothes out with Mining Gear, since Gear gets very important to Mining!

The Mining Strategy:

This is just an example.

  • Weapons are not needed in the Mines, the Pickaxes are just fine.

This just some of the basics, and some things you should know. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck with Fishing :fishing_pole_and_fish: and in the Mines! :pick:

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how are both of them profitable?

Because you will end up with more lures and gems.

Mining is not profitable in the start as much as fishing, but will be later on.

I’m more comfortable with mining than fishing so i’ll talk about that, keep in mind that as @Mysterious said, you don’t profit much in the beginning but it gets way better over time.

At first, your main goal will be upgrading your pickaxe and getting gear. It is extremely hard to profit without a decent pickaxe.

The first thing you’ll want to do is get a crappy pickaxe from the miner guy in PIXELMINES and do as much level 1 mine as humanly possible. While doing these, don’t focus too much on getting all the resources but rather getting to the exit gate while collecting stuff on your way, since you don’t need any key to enter. This way, you collect a lot of copper nuggets to enter the second level and you get ingredients from monsters to upgrade your axe.

Once you have collected the necessary ingredients to upgrade your crappy pickaxe, go ahead and get the flimsy pickaxe and do the level 2 mines, although what i recommend is to get the basic or even sturdy pickaxe first, I got most of the ingredients from PWE but you can buy your pickaxe there directly.

Level 2 mines are important, but don’t worry if you didn’t kill the last 5 monsters or forgot to break a couple ores on your way, what’s important is getting the nuggets/keys. Now for level 3 and 4, you’ll want to clear them completely and get as much ores as possible to sell them for world locks or bytecoins (hence the importance of the gear and pickaxe). I don’t recommend going as far as level 5 in the beginning, selling the level 4 keys for 5 world locks each or the level 5 keys for 10 world locks each is a great deal.

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I don’t know if spending that much money is worth it. Alot of people have got alot of world locks just by playing. If you are an adult then it’s your money do whatever you wish to do with it. I suggest spending it on something else. :smiley: But that is just a suggestion!

i usally save up im 16 turnin 17 in march, i save up so idk i barely spend money on any games its like usally one time thing afterwards im not spending anything

But wouldn’t you perhars like to buy new AirPods or something like that? Christmas is right around the corner. Sad that you missed out on the black friday deals tho. :v:t6: -Nerpah

I’ve never understood why people spend money on games. Usually takes away from the enjoyment. I know that rn playing pixel worlds with too many world locks is actually very boring, since I have no objectives or goals. I wouldn’t spend anything on this game.

ik its sad but i don celebrate christmas, usally i get money on EID im muslim, but i saw the game in my recommendations list on yt so i got intressted

i see some people telling to me not to waste money on game so how do i start from i was plannin on starting day but i wanted some advice tips for profit i also check yt, i tent to socialize alot some times profit

Well you have already earned 20 world locks, keep doing what your doing! :v:t6: -Nerpah

I played the game for 3 years and my total wealth is probably only 1pl.
I would like to know more about how to earn 1pl in a month without sacrificing my life :laughing:

xD, any profit tips on how to start pixel worlds and no i wont be wasting money i havent yet and wont

yea how idk how what do u mean i earned 20 wls

xD i wont be wasting money at all, i havent spend the money yet and wont be so how do i start pixe worlds then any tips then

id say maybe spend 50 dollars at most cuz 100 is quite a lot on a new game you might quit soon
also 50 dollars gets you 2pl which is really only 20-25 hours worth of work in game so if you played for 20 hours you could actually get that without having to pay the money

so 50 dollars get u 2 pl wow then i also got my math wrong also thanks for that, i was plannin on not spending money some players suggested not to spend money so idk im still looking out for any suggestions also but thanks for that

Your welcome soap (: