New Potion suggestion!

Here an idea for a new potion and I am sure alot of players would want to see this ingame! A regeneration healing potion! So for example you use it and you get 1/4 of your health back every 2 seconds. The effect will last 20 Seconds so you get 1/4 of your health back 10 times in those 20 seconds. (Might help in pvp or other dungeon situations) It must be expensive as well so for example the recipe could be:
-100 Strawberry blocks
-100 Nether souls
-50 Chaos vegetation blocks
Crafting time: 2 Days

Of course it will be super expensive but the fact that it literally regenerates your health overtime is good enough to make it expensive. This would bring new possibilities into the game and maybe make speedruns in wotw easier. Like or comment what you think about this potion so maybe the devs bring this into the game :slight_smile:

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I like t he effect but Iā€™d say maybe a bit less ingredients, even if it is that good.
Also in my opinion the crafting time is too much, it should be maybe 1day and 12 hours.

Might be overpowered, but this is really worth using when im in Mining Level 5.