New Scam Alert

Hello everyone! Today i saw a new scam so the way it happens is that there is one player who is acting to be a YouTuber and acting he wants to make a new video and he will choose one player who looks like a beginner and then The scammer told the victim that he had to play truth or dare for his YouTube video and The scammer will ask truth or dare if you choose dare he will tell you to drop your valuables and he will say " Okay you drop your item there, I will sit somewhere far away and after that count to 3 and take back your stuff " this is actually a trick to deceive you when you are counting from 1 to 3 he will come and take your stuff and leaves the worlds.

place’s name: World DEAL

Time when it happens: 11:00 - 11:40 am (Malaysian time zone)

Witness: Me ( I didn’t have time to take a screen shot because the chat was too fast and I only knew the victim’s name)

I apologize if there is a wrong sentence please tell me and if I say something wrong I apologize again. ( I’m not good in English)

There is some events that happened recently that show you can’t 100% trust creators (especially that one called K…)

Also never trust your items to people you barely know. Keep in mind creators with the official status can request items to make a video.

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