[NEWS] Tournament Update Sneak Peek!

Jake posted this on IG. Thoughts?

I see those green things show your the league you’re in?
Jake seems to be in Rookie league or such.
I wonder how do you get points :eyes:

Emerald League looks like the highest. :thinking:

there’s diamond too

Ahh, yet another trophies system. It would be much more original if you ranked up through doing questlines related to the card battles, but I guess it’ll be another “win to get 20, lose to lose 15”.

Also, I’m kinda getting tired of no PTS. They have builds that are completely playable, yet good luck getting the access key for the private servers.

This is a ranking system not a brawhalla battle pass.

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Let’s just hope the Lose Points don’t overlap the Win Points, otherwise it’d be a pain to grind for.

Also, it seems like we’re also getting another trophy prop (similar to WOTW, Fishing Tournaments and Best Set), for the Top 3

Jake losing to a bunch of serial numbers :disappointed_relieved:

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There is a reason it’s in lots of games, because it’s the best way. No point being original just to be original.

It’s such an overdone system though, exactly like battlepasses are.

Diamond on the top

Maybe there daily rewards for it(like clan bonus) for being in league