Next Monday's(21.) interview

I can see EndlesS’ getting interviewed but please guys spam in the interview post: “Interview: Sorsa/Kukkaruukku/Wicker10/Zap” I really really want to see Jake interviewing one of them. I am so interested hearing the interview of Wicker10 like for real. So please spam in the interview post ok please. It increases the chance of them getting interviewed by Jake so please do it.


Wicker 10 isn’t a mod anymore.
He is actually a really big tiktok star who has almost 10 million followers and has made videos with Logan Paul and other celebrities.

So I don’t see him getting an interview, and also I don’t think sorsa or kuka is a developer, they are just a relative or something (CK’s kids?) Who play tested the game. So they probably won’t get intervieed either since they don’t actually work on the team


That’s why I want them to be interviewed. It would be really good surprise and actually interesting.

thank god he’s out of the way

I’ll pass this interview. Hopefully CK can make it and you (well Jake - but send him your questions) end up asking interesting questions from him :blush:

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You can’t deny an interview by Jake, Dev tried to do that but ended up getting interviewed by Jake. Jake is forcing you to have one(assuming you really are getting asked to be interviewed), you have no choice.

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Jake shall hunt you down for that interview! He shall go to the end of the earth. To heaven and hell to bring those questions for thou!
(im evil, so dont listen to me)

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Jake tomorrow: I will interview you now.


Haha… Ghustie! :joy:

i would like to see Apoov being interviewed ^^ tellin us about how is it to work in kukouri’s company and the staff team (Apoov is a graphical artist: more like Apoov gives those cool lookin items BESIDE our lovely admin EndlesS :smiley: )

what about midnightwalker
sad midnightwalker noices

apoov already got interviewed…

He got interviewed already last Monday:

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(20 characters needed)

oop xD soz y’all i lost the track of it

That’s alright, I even was surprised he actually did get interviewed:

omg fisher what rod u use?

I own every superior rod and I use them all in specific cases but I use the most Fiberglass rod (Superior).

oh ok ty for the information.

maybe interview Zak,Unelias,MasterBruce or Dimos about why they left the adminstrator team?