Nickname system

Jake talked about a nickname system
I would love it so much please add this lol
I dont wanna be called XILightX anymore


why not be XILightX?

It sucks so bad lol 20

hmmm, I think shadowmaster15 sucks more…

Roblox has added screennames, that basically replace your username in-game, basically making your username useless with how games need to reference accounts by their ID.

But yes, a screenname system similar to Roblox would be nice.

It’s basically in the game already isn’t it? The admins and mods have it so it shouldn’t take too long to make it public.

I dont think this is a good idea because of impersonation, unless it was like discord nickname where it showed your actual name and the display name than it would be fine, if you could change your name to whatever, NO, bad bad bad bad bad idea VERY bad idea

Can’t you pay to change the username on roblox though? I remember that’s how it was before, I even changed it once.

I dont wanna be pvpenderman9191 anymore ;-;

Yeah, 1000R$ ($12.50) to change username.
Screennames are free though.

VeryTall has to be the dumbest username I have ever picked, really want to change it to veryfast instead.

Its not as bad as pvpenderman9191, so be happy that you have atleast better name than me xD

You cant permanetly change your name, because of impersonation, you can only use a nickname where it shows your actual name next to your nickname

I’d say the regular nickname would show as a regular name, but highlighted with a certain color to represent it’s not actually the player’s username. Or maybe show the nickname as the regular name, and if you look at the player’s info, you see their actual username.

Yeah, like that. but still meh. i like the idea of permanent names with no changing imo

people who disagree with changing nicknames don’t regret their usernames



yes, me and duckles like our names because the funny

the funny is best yes

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i wanna remove the 2 in my name