No chat bot SUGGESTION

this was same like rule bot and mount bot.ofc like when you make a giveaway or you are a youtuber some players saying ‘‘OMG’’ and others,this bot can enabled disabled chat and when it disabled every time a player type something the text box will not appear (is this a good suggestion?)

Mute button exists. :ok_hand:t2:

No please…
royal lock flashbacks

But seriously, I’m personally against this.

How would you feel if someone duct tape your mouth in real life. :neutral_face:

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Ew, no freedom of speech.

Stupud Growtopia Moments. Sorry, but it’s a bad suggestion,

ok then…i even don’t know if this was in growtopia :cry:

This would give a lot disadvantages

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I feel bad for you now, if this existed then the promised 10-15 years of pixel worlds still existing would make it 1-5 years. We don’t need this.

If you want to suggest, write it at your notebook, think about it and if you think it’s the right time to release then post it, that’s how I suggest everything here actually…

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okay okay can you tell me how to delete this topic? cause this a bad suggestion :frowning:

By pressing the delete option no need to delete the topic, everyone makes mistakes!

No need to delete.
Others can also learn from this thread and as the guy above me said, everyone makes mistakes.
(Well this isn’t really a mistake but you get the idea.)

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