No one can put block or take items that drop by other player

so when there is a drop game When they drop the owner can’t ban him or kick him even take the stuff and block it too. now just on trade no more dropgames even in all worlds no one can’t take item from other players block it kick ban they can’t after the player take it back


Seems like a pretty good idea, though a better suggestion for this would be not allowing players to drop on another player’s world.

Not allowing players to ban, kick someone or pick up their items when they dropped their own items in another player’s world just sounds too complicated for the devs to code, in my opinion.


just a suggestions for safety

It might be hard to be developed, they must try adding this one.

i know just a suggestion already said

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This isn’t a good idea because this can be used as a way to avoid to be banned/kicked from the world if they just drop a item. Like say if someone is selling pw world locks for gt world locks. Then you try to ban them but he/she drops something now you can’t ban them. Also you can’t take the item. So it would until they pick it back up you can ban/kick them. As what everyone else said this will be way to hard to make.

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i think thats a better idea :sweat_smile:

Following your idea:
What if you drop a valuable item in someone else world, and then the owner blocks the way and eventhough he can’t ban/kick you, you won’t be able to take it again since the path is blocked?

Hmm, for the moment I will say no, since it has some drawbacks and can be a little bit confusing. I’d recommend you to keep developing your idea having this in consideration.

However, it would be easier to incite people not to drop.

This suggestion is pointless, if dropping is not allowed on drop games it basically affects the other worlds where you can’t drop stuff either.

are you an idiot? i am bullying an owner, i drop 1 dirt and he wouldnt be able to kick or ban me.
and why do you think that the devs want to stop scamming? the game would become boring, do you think they cant stop the player from dropping items while trading??

A pain in the butt for developers just to avoid ignorant people getting scammed.
Holding on to your items is your responsibility!

got another idea (or not) when the player drop and no one take it in over 1 hour the item will be return in inventory (if they have) if not item will stay there until player have some slots (maybe too hard to code it)

I have a better idea: don’t drop your items.

Also, as others said, some could just drop an item in order to avois getting kicked/banned.

A “solution” to drop games would of course be not being able to drop items in other people’s worlds, but that could get annoying, since sometimes you want to give something to a friend without having to trade.

In order to avoid Drop Games, just simply not participate on it or never drop. This suggestion is not needed.

This seems quite difficult to implement in the game because it does not mean that everything will work well in the game. There may be many problems, but in my view, this is very interesting to people keep safe.

Just like what others said
This is hard/near impossible to implement

  1. Owners will technically be powerless when someone drops in their world. They can be trolled or harassed by other people.
  2. Owner can block the area around the dropped item, so you still can’t pick it up.
  3. Feels like dropping mechanics will be too complicated when they just have to avoid dropping to not get scammed.
  4. Also would be probably hard for the devs just like others said.
  5. This could lead to another type of scam. Scammer drops in an important world to the owner, drops quite alot and refuses to take the dropped items until the owner pays. That’s just a situation I imagine.

And like what they said, to not get scammed from dropping DON’T DROP IN DROP GAMES AT ALL
I see this impossible to implement since it also clashes with other features in the game and has too many counters.

should i delete this topic?

I think it is just better that we can’t drop item on world that are locked by somenome else.
Because your idea is not very good enough to be used for the developers.
If you can’t drop item in a world that is not yours then nobody can host dropgame if players can’t drop item in your world.
4 year to try to find to stop dropgame when there is a simple way to do it.
But it’s just a idea maybe it’s a good one or a bad one. Idc if it’s a bad one I just wanted to say that.

It’s barely good for me. I see this is hard to be developed and can see it’s disadvantages.

No need. At least you tried.