Not anymore

never bought it but stopped looking for it

Hi now I’m an avid butterfly collector but after the Rare’s they are almost mission impossible

This one is a ridiculous value, or don’t you think so ?

This should not be a millionaires playground …

In fact it is :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: up imo

It honestly depends on how you look at it;
only a very few people care about completing the butterfly questline so these butterflies that are always available should not be this expensive but on the other hand the developers made it absurdly hard to get ultra rare and legendary butterflies - even harder for Lava Moth and Lava Aglais which are limited to the NETHERWORLD - and the game is barely active with almost no one in the community dedicated to hunting butterflies.
Recently I met a Lava Moth buyer that was willing to pay 1 million byte coins for it and it’s just an ultra rare butterfly while the Butterfly Wings obtained by bringing all the ultra rare butterflies to Pixie Glitterbug are worth maybe few hundred thousand byte coins more than 1 million byte coins.


Nice reply btw…

I’d add that when these are caught it’s often by inexperienced players many of whom can’t actually afford to even place them in the market ! Imo it’s completely stupid the Devs created this situation

As for the quest… :thinking: I would like to claim the wings so all the URs - the last stretch with the Legendary ones - nope i wouldn’t go there

I have all of them up to the end of the Rares x4! Many more for some . Only in the last month have i acquired 3 URs. I shall keep trying/looking/dealing to get the others but I’m not massively hopeful.
Current pricing is full of manipulation and random sales to rich buyers. …

I’m not poor, but neither am I super rich

Happy hunting :butterfly:

bumping this so people keep seeing it

also update: lava moth was recently sold for that much

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I may have clicked the :white_heart: like button but for the info not the reality that I play a game chasing tokens (butterflies) that are simply UNOBTANIUM!.

Perhaps if the Devs were to make these achievable then new players might actually follow the whole event to it’s conclusion :anger::rage::rage::anger:

IMO the sad truth is that becoming mega rich, ie being able to randomly spend 3 million, is no longer possible .

The butterfly achievement may as well stop ffs!

Most of the super rich players in the game don’t want a reset - this isn’t about butterflies they are simply the ‘tip of the iceberg’ - yet without it how can PW really survive ?

How much do the really well off players who are long standing even play the game??

For context i will likely net a million this year - I’m as close to a new player as most.

Even if i treble that next yr It will get me nowhere near pursuing the ridiculous number of way too expensive items out there

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