Okay so autoclickers are illegal but

there is a bug which lets you do the thing that you was doing without pressing anything(its like the minecraft screen reload bug thing). when you are hitting somewhere press alt+tab than enter the game pressing alt+tab again, boom without doing anything you are hitting the place your mouse is! but you need to not click the button you did the glitch with(for our story its left click). is this illegal too?

you are wrong
third party services are illegal

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Well technically there aren’t 3rd party services being used, but it is an exploit

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ah alright thanks (20 goddamn characters)

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arent autoclickers third party?


If they leave a loophole in the game and you happen to use it is this really an exploit?

There are several i can think of which I’ve always assumed are deliberately there …

In short if the game let’s you do something how can it be illegal?

Where do they draw the line ??

Breaking an item or block in reach but outside a lock is a basic one, there are others. Even picking up stuff left in a world is fair game imo just because someone has left a lock and/or door open it’s part of PWs surely?

Just read this. It’s basically when you’re “using” a loop hole.
“Exploiting a loophole”
Hope that answers your question.

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You are making use of loopholes to derive benefits which is exploitation.

Then take the loophole away !

It would be easy to argue all the world’s set up for ice cream cart breaking are exploiting a loophole ??

Most have only enough spawn locations to match the number of carts and they are all placed side by side for ease of access.

Fyi i visited the Polska page the other day because I couldn’t get in any other cart worlds (late!) . In there they spawn randomly all over the place - with i may add plenty of pixelians around to break them… Ok we didn’t get them all but surely you see my point

The game is encouraging said exploitation …

Cheating or scamming someone in a deal is just a red line - boot them.

Imo anything else is fair game !

The loophole means an accidental technicality to certain game features that shouldn’t be there in the first place resulting in players getting an unfair or unintended advantage. Exploitation means the usage of flaws in the system as bugs/glitches in a manner that wasn’t intentional by the game.

Carts spawning that way weren’t an accident, and people using it to benefit the most from these features are allowed. Also, this has not been made illegal, and no players complained. It is not a bug, glitch, or unintentional consequence of the added feature because developers did not come forth saying otherwise.

Game is not encouraging exploitation as we have seen what has happened to the people duplicating items which are loophole exploitation. We can even see how much effort developers put into fixing any bugs or glitches in the game and encourages players to report them. Also, treat the game as a service created by developers instead of making it a living entity that makes conscious decisions.

I agree that fraudulent schemes such as trust games, drop games, and others should be illegal. However, we should focus more on people understanding what can happen if they do not protect their items. There are instances that we justify taking stuff when we can’t identify the owner or those locks decay. We should be careful with our rhetoric so we wouldn’t go as far as to say that because someone lacks the awareness to protect their items and not put themselves in dangerous situations, scamming is justified.


This exploit has been around for ages.
it also affects in other games as well, not only in pw.

There is an autofarm for this. Pretty expensive.
but don’t use it for bot farming.

Leave it up to the forums members to make the game as unfun as possible :+1:


You can also press just your windows while hitting!

i pressed my windows while hitting them.
i almost fell of my house thank to you, now i also have glass all over me and my house.

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That’s not how it works! Since the developers left the remaining devs only released one update (if I’m correct) and I’m pretty sure that the loophole came out after the update.