Old clan worlds

I came across this reply in an old thread…

“after 90 days of the leader not playing the game the member with the highest rank role in the clan gets promoted to leader and the previous leader is demoted to co-leader” credited to @Robert_4444

My question is do clan locks really never decay? What happens when there have been no active members for 90+ days or even 1yr+ ?

I’m closely following a particular world now as the clan leader has most likely given up, they’ve certainly let a few good world’s decay…

I didn’t know the above fact . I’m also co-leader in a currently inactive clan, I’m not sure he will return in 90days… to be clear it’s my little bro’s clan and there is no issue or problem just something for us to know…

Whilst I’m on it please visit the world and sign the guestbook.

There are some good names in there…



clan locks do not decay even if nobody in the clan has been active within a year

fact is that in the game files we have all sprites for a decayed clan lock but no one has ever seen it in game so maybe when there are no members in a clan and/or no co-leaders and elders, then the lock will decay

Robert hats off to your knowledge


That said there have been enough clans for one to have appeared by now… that would imply it doesnt work as it should …

I did find a clan totem in a decayed world the other day but that’s not even close …

It’s technically there.

As for the clan leadership, that’d be 60 days of the clan leader’s inactivity, again—the source is Dev.

If you wonder how that works, ‘the first co-leader to enter the clan world after this will be promoted to leader automatically, if the clan has no co-leaders OR they are all inactive as well (60 days offline), an elder will be promoted and so on’.

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Wow, food for thought, thanks

was never sure on the exact details, so thanks

Guys doesn’t this have ramifications for someone who has been banned?

Interesting times…

are you referring to the clan world not decaying?

No, the fact that in all the bans seen in last yr or so some are likely to have been clan leaders (I’m fairly sure about one at least) . This means that someone else is going to pick up the clan … I just didn’t know about this rule…

But a clan leader is not forced to give away the clan, although it could be a waste, even if you are not going to have your ban lifted you can still log-in in order to prevent your clan from having its ownership transferred to another member

So someone told me recently signing in on a ban no longer works. I have nothing to back this up but it was still said.

As for forcing you to give away your clan? Well from what I can find this is no different to a regular lock decaying . In other words if you dont come into your clan within the 60 day time period the next player in line gets promoted … end of.

As such they could remove you from the clan if they wished and said player wouldn’t even be there to know!

this does not quite make sense, ask them if they heard it from a trustworthy source or if they assume that themselves

I’ll try and catch them next weekend but I think it’s experience of someone they know…