On scale of 1-5, How would you rate the JETRACE UPDATE?

On scale of 1-5 how would you rate the JETRACE update?
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I would personally rate it 3. I love the new minigame, I think it’s fun, but there’s some I wish the jetrace had.
I felt like the mechanics weren’t complex enough. There were no jet upgrading, no ways to get gems, constantly the same minigame, reward chest is a bit boring (IMO).
How would you rate the update?

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Honestly do not like it at all. Just an incredibly hard parkour type deal with no real payouts. Like I despise getting quests related to doing a race. The mounts are cool, but I really wish the mount bot was not needed in order to use them in a world. Definitely 1/5 from me.

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rated 3, would rate 4 if there are no spike bombs in the jetrace. its too hard, never won since december…

5, it’s the most fun update I ever experienced + won a Hot Rod

I dont like the update that much. At the beginn it was interesting cause getting an jet was an dream but if xou have one why you should waste more gems for jet races where you grt just trash. There should happen something to it. Jet race part 2 would be very nice cause when many people have an jet (For example with the new contest designs) nobody is gonna play jet race anymore