On The Verge Of Quiting

I am going to be honest here, im quite on the verge of quiting the game, im not very fond of the game anymore, i only come here and there just to check whats up in discord or in game, seeing youtube for new updates or new items, me personally ive got nothing in the game barely any friends anymore i had so much fun when i joined the Community So Many of you helped me out, but as of now i dont have nothing much to do, trying to find something to do but i sadly can’t.

P.S: i’m usually running around naked, with 105k Bytes trying to buy something i can find a cool set.
might eventually just quit, idk if i will give my stuff away even if i do, and if i come back i will just restart the game. plus who do the rich find the game fun, and how do the poor get rich and have fun? also what about those in between?

im in the same boat although im very much an active forum user. the game is boring. i can’t find anything to do. i’m considering giving away all my items and worlds soon too because i don’t play. why hold onto things that others could use?


There is often content droughts but this game has a unique gorilla grip on you because of the capitalist methods of keeping you invested in the game. Once that runs out you’re done. I wish I got the communication that we had back then, but nothing will change. Many veterans are gone, but we have more new dedicated people like MrCoffee and Editson to take their place as if they were never there.

I just AFK fish in NEO and talk to friends as of now. I try to stay connected with many PW players in my server as well




Now that Jake is the Game Designer the game might have chance to change for the best, and hey, who knows, many vetwran players could return. I am aware that Jake is interested im doing something i would like to do, and with Commander_K being finally gone the game may become a proper MMORPG, bur who knows, maybe all of this wil not happen, we will just have to see. But I personally would come back if the combqt of the game gets better.

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Jake, if you really mean it, reply to the DM that we were having that was unfinished, lol, I’ve been waiting months and you never came back to it

I cannot promise that I answer to direct messages more often. Actually probably more rarely. :sweat_smile: But my plan is to change the direction of pw a bit because the past year… well It could have been better content wise :wink:


I hope you didn’t take my criticism the wrong way. It was for the best. Some would call it, “being the voice of the voiceless”

Anyway, you know the DP incident? Other wings were taken as well, and that’s what the message was about. I mentioned that and never got a reply for months after the dp was returned. DP was just the biggest thing that the hacker took. I also told dev that my support message wasn’t replied to. It’s about the discord and the moderation. I could appeal many of those warnings that led up to the ban (for example the one where I got a strike for posting in the trade channel and one of the mods assumed it was a troll, and now that channel doesn’t even exist) there but the only person who can appeal it is the person misusing their power.

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I got an idea how to make PW better :relaxed:
Make P2P illegal


Cmon jake you’re losing your english xD


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So wait a second , Commander_K is gone? damn…
what are the latest news

And dont tell me its on pw discord bcs im banned from it since last year


But, didn’t you literally post this on my thread?

So has your stance on forum DMs changed?

It was an instagram dm and in very rare cases I might take the conversation there if I need faster responses than through emails. :wink:

I think :wink: Jake likes :wink: this emoji :wink: the most :wink: and thats :wink:
because :wink: he uses it :wink: in every :wink: post :wink:


Best :wink: emote :wink:

He also sometimes uses this: :smiley: and/or :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But yeah, I see :wink: on his posts the most. I think he intends to type ;) but Discourse converts text emoticons to emojis (and there is no way to disable it afaik).

Well, he can enter pixelworldsgame.com/admin and change it I think, but that would disable it globally.

Edit: To disable it, the link is pixelworldsgame.com/admin/site_settings/category/posting and untick the “enable emoji shortcuts” checkbox. (that is how it is on my discourse forum, I do not know if these forums have it different)



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