Out of the blue.. What happend if there another great Growtopia copy?

Not like Breaworlds which really bad and not creative at all, but what happens if there an actually MMO sandbox that good? are you gonna leave this game or stay?

Is Pixel World give you a promise enough to stay? or just like yeet out just like I did back in Growtopia days when Pixel World just announces, cause I hate that game but got no other choices.

If there was another game like PW but better, I would not play it as I have wls on PW so playing another game would mean not using/throwing those away. After all It’s up to your preferences to play other games

Also, I might be wrong but I think your username is innapropriate

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Oh you meant the game called Pixel worlds? Yes that has been created already

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I do have a good chunk amount of Dls in Growtopia back in 2017 but I Leave that game so fast because the game is just not fun to play with, I moved to Pixel World and found it enjoyable. But now because a PWE machine all items just rigged in price and hoarded all the time, the game becomes not fun anymore. I might leave this game regardless of the tons pl I’ve made in the past 4 years.

That is my in-game name I’m sorry if that inappropriate.

I’ve mean another one :smiley: , do you consider this game gonna stay relevant in long run? despite there is a ton of hoarders and rigged prices everywhere.

Best to take a break on everything, I’ve played PW after like 10 times quitting

Edit : Also if a game completely sucks ofc you should delete the game and go find another, but it’s not like PW is bad, you probably think it’s bad because you’re covering a place that’s bad (The economy) For a miner, the only thing you sell is gems and pocket watches, but for a trader ofc you experience a lot of rigged prices. You don’t have to change games, just change jobs in PW

Only time will tell…

i dont play as i used to do nowadays , it got kinda boring. but im hyped for the new card update


Yeah, if you’re a pro you basically can get all the items of the update in just about a week, so the game would feel boring since you have nothing more to experience

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But if you’re like me, it’ll take you until next year

It’s not about the Item or the Wls, it’s just more about the interaction, and how to approach stuff in this game is a bit weird lately, I know the team working really hard on the game but there is so much chaos happening. And the hoarder too, hate them.

People will eventually quit the game, not everybody stays and must go on and keep trying new things. For sure they will give the game a visit sometimes. If only it happens.


there is actually new MMO game called Pixel Vortex wich WILL release next year.

I will just make an account and take all the rare name worlds and quit


And then sell em after that

I’m excited about pixelplanet cuz anyone can have the same world name

I would play it for some time and leave PW because usually when a new game pops if you get rich early and get some limited items they will go up in value.

Rich people stay rich. If you get some limiteds and then go back to pw and then come back to the growtopia copy few years later you will be inevitably rich.

you know you can do alot different things other than trading I mean yea people hoard because gives crazy amount of profits but that doesn’t make the game bad, plus admins can’t control the prices, and hoarders because they’re made by the community, and hoarders won’t stop either way. I think pw will stay for a strong 5 more years or even more.