I am kinda tired of admins overriding set rules in a world for no reason.

Yes, there are good reasons to override a rule/lock.

These reasons are:

  • Urgent moderation issues.
    – That includes stuff such as busting a drop game or inspecting a hacker.
  • Possible reasons to demonstrate stuff in official videos.

However, overriding the “No panorama camera!” sign just because you can isn’t a valid reason. Or overriding bot settings. We all have to follow these rules. So the admins/mods could too.


It’s their game they should be allowed to do what they want.

“It’s my Apple device I should be able to do whatever I want to it”. I do not own Apple devices, however Apple locks away your right to repair your OWN device with measures ranging from a proprietary screw to just permanently bricking your device unless a repair worker’s ID and password is entered.

He uses it exactly for the second reason, to show the world to the stream. Either way, I find it very unlikely that you ever need the sign to block those cameras in the first place, especially if you’re asking Jake to come to your world to begin with.

well of course they would

1.) you most likely do not have the qualifications to fix it properly
2.) they cant prove that you arent going to do anything sus with the hardware
3.) T&C’s(if you ever read it you would know that you agreed to not F*** up the phone by attempting to repair it)