Owner without being in a clan!

Hey, in this video, i was helping handriz to sell his clan by doing the role of the midman and when he promoted someone to sell the clan, the buyer lagged out which caused some problems…

Hope you will enjoy the video!

(I messaged admins about this and they patched it by the way, just saying…)

2 Ways to solve problem:
Option 1:

  • Make as originally planned Clans untradeable
  • If leader is offline for 365d or banned for year+ clan world and clan will be locked / deleted.
  • if Co-Leader is online and longest time will be switched to leader if hes active in last 7 days (depency from Leader offline 365 days)

Option 2:

  • Make Clan worlds purely tradeable
  • What possible make all members to get instantly kicked and clan leader can sell spots with Game currency or IRL currency(what cannot be confirmed easily).


Wow the devs UPDATED the game?!

Omg :scream:

@Neoslayer I know this isn’t you, it isn’t a very Neoslayer thing to do.

Sorry Neo for the pings again again

wat did u ping him for lol

someone spamming saying that they’re neo and they were selling 25k bytes for a buck