Password portal in PIXELMINES?

As you could all see, if you go up the waterfall in the world, there is a pathway, with a locked door.
However, it leads to a room, which then leads to a password portal.

I am seriously still stumped on what is, or will it be used for. A secret? A mod-only portal to their own world? Something scrapped and unused?
What could be the password?


Pretty sure it’s lore related, otherwise it would’ve been removed by now.

Even if it is for lore, it is useless as we cannot access it.
Or is it really just a decorative item, with actually no password or destination set?

It’s likely that once specific criteria related to the lore has been met, the door will open, and allow people to enter the room. It’s unlikely to be purely decorative, as the statue that’s in the room with it is related to the lore, due to it being similar to the statues that can be found in the rift world.

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Am I missing something? People keep talking about the “rift world” but I do not know what that is.
Also, regarding the “lore”, is it a HUGE secret like in GT and the illuminati stone or just something related to the game?

It’s a world related to the lore. Portals sometimes appear randomly in worlds, which allow players to enter the rift world (I don’t know if this still happens though). The easiest way to access the rift world at the moment is by reaching level 125, going to the world ADE, and waiting for the portal in the center of the world to open. I’m unsure how the rift world relates to the lore since I haven’t been there myself.

HOW can people even reach level 125? I can barely manage reaching 20, and I missed out on the entire advent calendar due to the restriction. Jake said that “it is due to preventing users creating alts and getting rewards”, but couldn’t setting it to level 5 achieve the same result?

If you know how to do it, levelling up is pretty easy. It usually just requires some time.

If I had to rank the main methods of gaining experience, it’d be:

  1. Fishing - You can get a large amount of experience from catching fish (400+ for a large fish), and if you’re catching a lot of fish in quick sucession, then you can level up quickly.

  2. Farming - Breaking blocks and harvesting trees can garner experience fast. Especially if you’re breaking blocks with a flask of breaking, that speeds up the experience gain a lot. I’d recommend spike bombs if you’re going to grind for XP through farming.

  3. Mining/Nether - Pretty much tied on this one. I’m pretty sure the Nether provides more XP, but they’re both pretty equal, thanks to the sum of XP you get by exiting the mine/Netherworld.

If you need a small boost, then you can also join a clan, and benefit from the XP bonuses they provide.

When it comes to the advent calendar, it’s pretty easy to level up when you know what you’re doing, as I said. Creating a new account and reaching level 5 would take very little time, and it would be abused to repeatedly open the advent calendars.

What if there’s a tiny chance of a portal generating in a mining world that leads to there?
Like a minuscule chance.

Interesting idea, guess we’ll see.

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  • doing daily quests alot of xp. If you want to level up then do those as well. :+1:

That’s another good one. Clan quests hand out tons of XP too.

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Yeah, it’s usually like 5,000 xp per a quest, and the quests can sometimes only take a few minutes to do.

Completing achievement give you tons of xp too!

ADE also has a password portal… Anyone knows the password for that one?

I am sure it’s purely decorative unless developers start working on the game’s lore and do something with it. Because the game’s lore is very unfinished right now.

It’s gonna be done at June.

Hmm, it seems that yet we need more information to progress regarding to the lore, we have tried many things already, but our conclusions are just being redundant.

As EndlesS said:

"Time will tell"

I guess for the moment, we will have to wait until the developers release us more stuff related to the lore to work with.

The thing is that we never know when are they going to do it. Or when they possibly would.

Maybe in June.

I’m not 100% sure something will happen but let say that if I’m wrong and there is nothing huge at June I’ll give everyone 200 bytes

I’m down to take that offer.