People getting wings first try

There should be a real percentage somewhere that actually is true.
It is really annoying seeing kids who spent 750 gems and got the wings and I have finished the tower 300 times by now and still nothing. I know that 300 times isn’t alot but that is 1200 boxes opened and 0 no legendary.

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1200 + all the towers you completed half of

(unless you’ve literally beated every single one 100%)

yeah i have completed alot of them at 90 percent or so. I would say total 1500 boxes maybe

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Hmm… So far i managed to reach the top like 110 times with 330k and often i die at 70-80% and i still got nothing… That’s one of the reason why i directly bought the wings…

I still got some ultra rares though but still… that’s sad

I kinda wish we could buy the legendary item from each week for like +500 candy or something.

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Yeah, that would be great