Perk bot suggestion (originally suggested by mrdeath)

A few days ago @mrdeath suggested a perk bot for pvp worlds, i decided to make an animation and a pixelart for the concept all credit goes to mrdeath, except the art
pixil-gif-drawing (1)

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Body’s shading is a bit plain in my opinion.
Plus head’s darkest shade? (I don’t know how to put it in words) is darker than it’s outlines.

Ok but a perk bot is simply never being added. Nice art though.

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they should add the perk bot features to the magic rule bot. we already have to many bots.

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it’s meant to be like that.

As much as I as well as other players want a perk bot, Endless said on the old forums they won’t add a perk bot. Endless stated, it would ruin the point of xp and progression.

Yeah and it may also make the players that grinded for a specific perk quite angry and just cause chaos(maybe👀)