Perma ban to all scammers/hackers

At this point of the game theres only like 3 guys making the game and theres hacks and stuff out there so i recommend that anyone who scams or hacks in the game will be perma banned. This might sound like stupid idea but with that small team and hacks and bugs in game i recommend that ANY player who scams or hacks even once from now on will be perma banned. That would keep the joy of playing it on because then everyone knows scamming/hacking even once is perma ban.


i like your idea and applaud your optimism :+1: :ok_hand: :clap:

i wonder why no one thought of this before…

very interesting hmmmmm


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Good idea, ngl… But it is easier said than done.

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I despise scammers, but there seem to be a few banned players who have just been “wrong time, wrong place” as such this idea doesn’t work for me .

Players spend real money on the game … I for one am ready to get a long VIP , yet if I got innocently banned there is clearly little chance of appeal as such i won’t spend the money …

Am i the only one held back? :thinking:

The phrase ‘shooting yourself in the foot’ comes to mind about the way PW handle this… They have got it all wrong …

Mods should have the power (maybe they do?) to freeze a player and actually have words with them…

Players should be marked in some way which means next time they are out …

If it’s serious enough then just boot them anyway…

If mods are too quick to judge then imo they should not be doing that role

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No offense toward you or anything but i do think that’s one of the worst idea ever.


Yep. People can change.

If I got my account permanently locked on a website without appeal only for “trolling”, people can handle getting permabanned for more serious sruff like this.

Not a very good idea, even worse than bad idea. Somebody can accidently perma banned for nothing. Pw sync isn’t good and you can get banned even if you never used hacks. Also the punishment should depends from kind if violation. For example auto-clicker(3rd party program) users should not be banned for 15-20d i guess its enough. Hackers that steal giveaway prizes should be banned for 30d and hackers that using bots or make hacked familiars, bottles, lvl doors, etc. should be banned perma

rip every other pw player