Permanent world bans

Sometimes, there is an annoying person at your own world that causes trouble, and if you ban, they come back after 1 hour was passed.

So why not add a permanent ban option? I don’t get why exactly do game bans have much broader options than world bans, especially with the mindset of “your world = your property”.

Here’s what a permanent world ban would look like:

No :upside_down_face:
It’s too overpowered man, did you think about this before suggesting?

I don’t think that’s a good idea Ondrashek06.

Imagine if someone scammed you, would you be able to report the world?

Then just add an option to report the world when you try to enter :slightly_smiling_face:

They already added it if you got bañned?

Yes. But you can only do that when you’re banned. Pretty sure if you enter again it doesnt give you the option

But why is it overpowered :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you imagine saying hi to the owner of BUYBYTE just to get you banned permanently. It’s literally an abuse of power.

I see, they should add that. But you can just report the world after the hour ban tho…

I am still hoping for unban option

But what about people who continuously enter your world and act like idiots? I’ve even known people that trashed my worlds because they had things against me

Hmm, how about this. Normal players can’t permanently ban you in a world but instead request a mod or a dev to world-ban a player Permanently.

Just ignore them trashers. They got their own issues (unless if you did something bad, then they’re trying to mock you.)

But again, it’s an abuse of power.

I don’t think adding that feature does any good. There will be an abuse of power as 1NB4 has said. The feature would be useful for people who won’t abuse the power but would create problems moderators and administrators have to take care of when people don’t properly use it.

If someone is toxic to you, there are four reasons stated by pshychologists =

  1. He is jealous
  2. He is insecure
  3. He has a lot of problems
  4. He is bored and has nothing better to do.

The problem lies with them, not you. Therefore, you don’t need to show any reaction to them or feel bad about yourself. :ok_hand:

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Just a notice… To prevent abuse, permbans would be limited to 5 people per world.

That doesn’t make such sense, if it would be like that then it would be better to just not add this feature, how others aleready said it can be abused easily.

If you would be able to ban permanently just 5 people from your world then it doesn’t change anything, if someone really wants to spam in your world or something he will create or use other accounts, after you’ll be out of bans you can do in your world then you would be done.

The community is never happy with my suggestions for some reasons. I just don’t like how Moderators get more flexibility than we do. It feels like the community is permanently limited.

But if community explained you how it can be abused, i bet you didn’t even read most of these replies.

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Banning for 1 hour isn’t gonna get rid you of annoying people. Longer/permanent bans will do that though.

I’m gonna look into making games at Roblox since they don’t limit you at all with ban lenghts, only you cannot make a ban an IP ban…

i don’t know am i just lucky, i rarely meet people who really want to spam in my worlds.
and easiest thing is to just ignore him, he got bored soon if you don’t react to his spam.
i agree this isn’t a solution to problem, but i haven’t met any people who is that toxic,that he comes back after a hour.


If the limit would be 5 permanent bans per world how you said, it wouldn’t change much. If someone wants to disturb you he will always find way to do it.

Also longer bans wouldn’t change much most likely because how I aleready said if someone wants to disturb you he will always find way to do it if he really wants to.

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Yeah, ignoring them is the best option, they’ll get bored and stop. Also I totally forgot about the mute feature.