Pet Adventuring

I have only 3 cat and no other else. the 3 of my cat was not adventuring and went i want to adventure one of them, i cant do it… it says that there was a pet that was adventuring. But my other 2 cat wasnt even adventuring too, this morning and yesterday it was still normal… so what do i do? (sorry bad english)

Not sure I understand you right
There is always a time delay you should not have to wait more than a few minutes between pets… also leave the world and come back

Do you have a pet on adventure in another locked world?

Failing all else remove each one to your inventory , put them in another world (must have a WL) then come back with the one you want to send .

Assuming it then “adventures” bring the others back…

you can only have one pet to adventure in a world

Afaik its one pet in ANY or ALL world’s . Or to put it another way one adventure per account …

I have not checked but I think it is limited to one pet advanture in each world, not one active adventure generally

it has always been limited to one pet for the entire account, otherwise they would have been abused in the hundreds