Pet Monkey

Date:2/27/2021 Name: Nvicible Title:
Pet Monkey Used to go for adventures can be upgraded to level 10 and has a little tree house.Costs 20000 gems to buy it from the shop.
Description: A cute little monkey which loves to go on adventures.



February 28, 2021

Good additional in-game, but is it a familiar or a back item? (pet dog and cat should only exists)

It is a pet as you can see I said that it goes on adventures and theres also a slime pet

Hello,the monkey is supposed to be a pet that has a little tree house where he lives in.It goes on adventures the same as Dog pet,Cat pet and Slime pet and also tell me why do you think there should be only dog and cat pet.

it would be weird
dog,cat,slime already very good
adding new pet will be worse

it would been better if this a familiar tho, but thats still cool.

it wouldn’t be worse adding a new pet people need something new to the game

i dont think it would be good either not many even use pets anyway

yeah but I love monkeys and I am pretty sure alot of people like monkeys

well that isnt a great reason lol just because you like monkeys but yeah i think the pet update should not be updated

But not only cuz I love them I think there should be more pets in the game

Pets are currently not a popular feature, and adding more pets will not solve that. It’s better to spend time working on bigger updates or reworking the current pet system before adding something we don’t need.

yeah after lots of people got the spectrum jp pets has become a dead feature