Petition for BYTES to be harder to earn

So I noticed the inflation thing, and devs, you guys really have to limit the amount, cuz if you don’t PW BC may end up the same way as the Zimbabwean dollar*, or the German mark* in the 1900’s (if you don’t know what i’m talking about just search it up) Now i’m sure NONE of you want to pay 1.9 Billion bytes for 10 soil blocks, but soon enough i can see BC going up to 1k/1 wl due to inflation, and how to solve this? We can do some things.

1.) removing BC as a prize for daily bonus
Now, don’t call me crazy yet, as I can explain why this will help, but think about this, in free prize 10 bc is lowest, but lets say theres 1000 people that get it a day x 365 days thats 365000 BC a year for free, and remember, there are probably WAAAAAY more people getting this a day than i am saying, and even crazier, say 500 people with VIP get the 100BC prize, thats 500x100x365 thats 18250000 a year! (remember, way more than 500 people have vip) I myself have gotten over 5k bc this way,

2.) Another way is decreasing the amount of BC gainable from quests.

3.) A option i’m kinda unfavorable for, but certainly one that will stabilize the price of BC is by, say the devs want the price of bc to be 220, they can take everyones BC and divide it by, say the bc price RN is 270 and times it by 220, this would kinda just shrink the amount of BC in game while letting everyone keep the amount of BC they had before, this limits inflation, but developers may have to do some sort of notice In game for it.


*Note: These were some time ago, but back in the day 100 TRILLION(yes trillion) Zimbabwean dollars was only 70 USD 70.
and thats a number like this for ONE USD

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please do this instead of what they actually did making pwe more taxes

petition… but no poll

From what I remember, byte coins used to be about 300 per world lock, but now they’re about 230 per world lock, so if anything, byte coins have become more valuable. I currently don’t think there are any issues with the inflation of byte coins, so things should be fine for now.


From what I remember bytes were 500/1, I don’t know how long since the price was that much

I seem to remember that too, but that was before the value of byte coins increased to 300 per world lock. I didn’t mention it in my post because I wasn’t sure if my memory was 100% accurate.

You’re godamn right. Also when you sell bc for 220/1wl you’re useful as the byte NPC

I seriously don’t know why they rise, prob because of Byte hoarders… Never heard of money hoarders in real life+ the gov would just print more lol. The price should decrease, not increase.

I’m not sure either, but I assume that it’s because of the blind auction of the world ‘LOVE’, which a large amount of byte coins have gone towards.

quests and other things give you byte coins as a prize so there is always more bytecoins coming into the game.
also alot of game mechanics integrate bytecoins because its the official currency.
= more byte coins in the game and increased usefulness

Yes, it would be insanely difficult to actually hoard byte coins.

I remember someone saying zygora was hoarding bc

You can hoard byte coins, but at the rate they come into the game, I think it’s far too difficult to do realistically. The winner of the blind auction of the world ‘LOVE’ was TotulYT, and they paid 2.5 million byte coins for the world, which took a large amount of byte coins out of circulation.

yes, but I think Jake said there was 7 or 8 players in total who bid over 2 million, which means likely over 10 million will now go back to the circulation.

Don’t get me wrong, 2.5 million out from the circulation is a lot, but there’s still 10 or more million going back as we speak.

True, but until those 2.5 million byte coins were traded to Jake they were still in circulation, just being held temporarily. Some of those 7 or 8 people will likely hold onto their byte coins for the next blind auction, whenever that will be.

hmm… Maybe Bytes as temporary entrance fee for Blacktower and Hangar! bytes will drastically decreased especially in blacktower

Edit: price fee are not based on community byte price

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If you didn’t Notice Tax has been increased to 10 % , if not using Tax Perk from 150 lvl or VIP -5 % to 5%
Everything is fine !

  • Basicly Tax increasing made that Re Trader proffession was made possible to 150 lvl+ and VIP accounts - which is fine it will make kukouri to profit from game more.

yeah as i said in my topic They changed the pwe provision :(

That would actually be a pretty good way to take some byte coins out of circulation. I don’t know if some people would be happy with the change though, but hey, you can’t please everyone in life.

If to decrease bytes reward - due that should decrease WL rewards too.
As well have Recycle events more in month.

  • So SB event would be like only rich ones can do rest will stay back and enjoy legendaries and price increasing more rare would have them.