Pickaxe upgrading

I was mining on aperfect morning in the pixel mines and at one point i came across a used crappy pickaxe. I wanted to upgrade it but for some reason even though i had repaired it collected all the items and gems the ugrade just wouldnt load…i would keep pressing upgrade. I DELETED THE GAME then re installed it but nothing happened…logged in logged out …same thing…please help i dont have enough bite coin to buy another pickaxe

Let me guess… it was one of those glitched/hacked pickaxe with like 100k+ of durability?

welcome to cummunity firstly! i can get you a new crappy pickaxe if you want.

im pretty sure it was a morbillion durability

No its a normal one and i wanted to upgrade it into a bdic one and it judt doesnt work so fsr

No it was only 5000 same as apl the other

Can you please record of what happens so we can try to speculate things?

i was joking but alright

I can for sure i have actually …i even send it in the pixel worlds server in discord but no one replied to me …i camt upload it here for some reason smh
…i cam send it tonyou in your dms though

idk lel, rip u but maybe is ur not good