Pixel Mines not good

Mined 2 days , till I got 8 keys of lvl 5.
While others from 1 mine get 2 pocket watches , I got 0 from 8.

All resulted :

I had : Epic Pickaxe , Excavator gloves / glasses / shirt / moustache , mouse tail , backpack
80wls --> 40wl in gemstones. :frowning:

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Level 5 is mostly rng profit if im correct
So still bears a risk

someone said u can get pwatch from lv4 mines, is that true or hoax?

Pocket watch is only lvl 5 mine , just like Silver Coin

This is very normal, you get a pocket watch everytime you have completed about 18 Level 5 Mine Keys.

  • Wearing 1 Ingredient Gear: 17

  • Wearing 2 Ingredient Gears: 16

Not to brag but I got 3 pocket watches from one mine once. I have never got a singe pocket watch after that. It’s pure rng.

@Mizuryryn it’s a hoax

This is just about luck. Yesterday I grinded to get 5 Platinum Keys and I end up getting 3 Pocket Watches from those 5 keys.

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Owh… People I’ve talked to have told me they get pocket watches much faster. While I never get any…

I’m sorry, I already used them to craft my Epic Pickaxe lol