Pixel Station Redesign Competition

Long, long ago, players would travel to the world DAILYBONUS to see if they would win a cool new item. After that, players would warp to DAILYQUEST to get their quests for the day. Then, one day, they merged… they became… Pixel Station.

Pixel Station Redesign Competition

Throughout Pixel Worlds journey of almost six years, there have been numerous competitions to occur. We’ve had the wiring contest, the head item contest, the weapon contest, etc. What if we tried something new?

See, long ago, when PIXELSTATION was created, it was so great to have everything in one place. But, with this, revamps to the world have occurred in order to incorporate new features and events. What if we allowed the general playerbase to design a new Pixel Station?

I personally feel that this would be a great competition for players, and, not only that, would give the administrators a chance to get the players involved in something completely new and really show that they’re looking out for our best interest. Prizes could reflect similarly to previous competitions, however… I do think it would be extremely neat to have a place in the new Pixel Station, an easter egg perhaps, that gives credit to the designer of the world.

Let me know what you think, I’d appreciate the feedback.


how did I miss that what

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If you go to Community Creations, you’ll have the option to look at several subcategories. One of them is in regards to that competition, which was sometime earlier this year.

oh wait I remember now

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