Pixel Worlds Art Concept

One of the arts i’ve done a while ago, lemme know what u guys think.


alright lets make some things clear , welcome to pw forums etc
if a post is over 2 weeks old and you do not have a specific reason to reply in it then it is highly suggested that you leave it as it is, there is also no need to be spammy as well and try not suggesting something which has been suggested over and over again. These forums are mainly for the players since pixel worlds game developers rarely check them.
You may be trying to make some positive first impressions but you are quite trying to much, at least that is how I see it

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Hello Antonis73, so my response to your message is that i’m only trying to share a positive response and yes i understand that i’m replying to some posts that are quite old but i atleast helped them in a way which was my goal to do that. Also i’m not trying too much because i’m freely allowed to share my thoughts around here :smiley: . Hope you understand and thanks.