Pixel Worlds Assets (not complete)

Hello guys , im trying to collect all assets here so people can get everything they look for easily , its not completed yet , im thinking of adding some more things , but here it is . Got some from ad contest assets.


if you have any suggestion on what i should add , please tell me.


These assets will be awesome for some kind of edits, thanks!

Anyways you probably could add event music such as music from Black Tower event, Summer event etc.


Thank you Serxan!

I will use the assets to practice my pixel art.

But I am curious, where do you find the assets?


Got some of them from ad contest assets , and battle card ones sent by jake

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This will be really useful for me at some point, thank you.

Hey there! You should also add Noto Sans Bold and Fira Sans Condensed Bold to the asset drive. They’re the fonts used in-game (aside from legacy fonts like TW Cent Condensed) and they’re from Google Fonts. And yes, they’re free :wink:


Card Tournament Rank Badges

i currently dont have my pc , i’ll add em too when i get the chance


Ok, what do you guys want me to add ?

Maybe the game ost, you can use my in game music playlist i made on YouTube to help you out :wink:

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