Pixel Worlds Card Tournament is a Scam

Here is why i feel that card tournament esp diamond league is a scam

Total of battle Hours: 3 weeks: 21 Days, 4 battle hour, every 3 days
Total of:28 Battle Hours
At this day of writing, There is 12 days left in Tournament League 1
Statistic are as follow
2 people are in ruby
5 People are in Platinum
14 People are in Gold

Assume there’s 2000 players The top 3 leagues are already the top 0.01% of all players And with the limited amount of cards and effects, as well as action cards. You almost see similar decks. Usually going 2 dark lock, 2 sensei pickle, 2 kiss of pickle +40 Light/dark, Gargoyle Effect Cards,War Prep.

Meta With the board being so “fixed” the and if you are the players in the top 0.01% you already have the fundamental placements down, know what cards to look out for and how to play the game and u probably have a 50-70% win-rate. Meaning most people know where to place and where NOT to place.

Next up, let’s talk about how points works
If you win someone on similar rank, u get +50 Points
Someone on 1 Rank Lower u get +40 Points
Someone 2 ranks and lower you get +20 Points If bonus it’s (25,20,10)

How Queue System Work
(First Priority)Same Rank>Higher Rank>Lower Rank>Same person(Last Priority)
Longer u queue the chances of you getting a lower ranked opponent 4 Battle Hrs, Every 3 days, total of 28 Battle Hours/ Month First they let you match similar ranked players, for me i’m ruby. and thus the chances of me matching ruby is higher in the first 14 second, then it goes down to plat, to gold.
But because of some matchmaking changes, You can no longer match a same person multiple times.
So there’s literally only 7 people in ranking Plat or Ruby.

Where the problem lies
Some player won’t be online on certain battle hour due to different timezones/irl matters, so now me as a ruby player lost my only opponent in ruby, thus removing my only chance to get the +50 points, and risk only losing 50 points
Next, I’m matched against maybe 3-4 other platinum players if i’m lucky, and risk losing 60 points while only gaining 40 (Not that bad) And because u cannot meet same opponents, now im matched against GOLD players who are also top 0.01% of players, and i lose 80 points while only standing to gain 20 points
If i lose 1 game i need to win 4 games to get back my points, not to even mention climbing the rank. 20+10 bonus if im on a streak.

So here’s the math:
To get to diamond you need to win someone on SAME League You need to win 60 Games in a row without losing, this is factoring bonus +25 [4500-100]/75 = 58.6 + 2 [games without bonus] (First -100 because it doesn’t give streak

To get to diamond winning someone 1 League Lower then you You need to win 75 Games in a row without losing this is factoring the bonus of +20 [4500-80]/60 = 73 Games + 2 (Games without bonus)

To get to diamond winning someone 2 leagues or more lower then you You need to win 150 Games IN A ROW [4500-40]/30 = 148 + 2(Games without bonus) = 150 Games

At the time of writing i’m currently ranked 1, with around an 75% win rate, having won a total of 87 games. thus if this is accurate i have played around a 116 Card Games in tournament, and this is because i haven’t missed an single hour. The chances of me meeting someone on same rank as me 10% (only 1 player), Someone 1 league lower then me 40%, (5 Players) Someone 2 league lower then me 50% (14 Players)

It’s actually more then 50% meeting someone ranked 2 leagues lower then myself, but we just assuming.
So let’s see how hard it would be for me to hit diamond, let’s say i usually win 4 in a row, and have 2 bonus points added

Firstly we calculate out of a 100 Games:
Someone same ranked, i win 55% of my games against someone of my league i meet him 10 times
I win a total of 275+Bonus 25+Bonus 25 = 325 Points From him. But i will lose 225 Points to him.
Total Points gained 100 Points

Next Someone of 1 league lower, I win 65% of my games here:
I meet them 40% of the time so i meet them 40 times
I win a total of 26 Games, getting myself 1040 + (Bonus 6.5x20) = 1170 Points
I lose a total of 14 Game Losing a total of 840 Points (60x14) = 840 Points
Total Points Gained 330 Points

Lastly Someone 2 league lower:
I get a 85% Win rate, i meet players of this league 50 times
I win a total of 42.5, and because it’s easier to win here, let’s say i get 5 wins in a row usually, giving me 3 times bonus (10 pts each)
I get 20 points/win here, so 42.5x20=850 Pts
Including streak: Games won with bonus = 25.5 Games (Total Bonus points 250 Points)
Total Points win: 1000 Points
Losses: 7.5 Games losses, lose total of 7.5 x 80 Points(yes u lose 80 points) = 600 Points loss
Total Point Gained: 400 Points

So if you have 55% win rate of someone of your league, 65% win rate of someone 1 league lower, and 85% win rate of someone 2 league lower, so if u play a 100 games with win-rate like this which in my opinion is extremely good
You get a total of 100+330+400 points 830 Points
Now usually u get to play 6 games/battle hour sometimes 7 if u are very lucky
And so with 28 total battle Hours, u can play let’s just take the middle 6.5 Games every hour:
28 x 6.5 = 182 Total Games, but we just round it up so it’s easier 200 games per tournament

And keeping this win rate, u get a total of 1660 Points. Which ONLY places you at platinum.

If u want a calculation of let’s say u get a 75% win rate across assuming 100 games
same league rank 10 Games meet
:10 x 75%= 7.5 = (in pts)50x7.5=375 + Bonus (Assume win 5 in a row lose 1) 25x5 = 125
Total = 500 Points - Losses (125 Points) = 375 Points

1 League Lower 40 Games meet:
40 x 75% = (in pts)30x40= 1200 Points + Bonus (assume win 5 in row lose 1) 20x30 = 600 Points
Total = 1800 - Losses (10x60=600 Points) = 1200 Points total

2 League Lower
50 x 75% = (in pts) 37.5x20 = 750 Points + Bonus (Assume win 5 in a row lose 1)10x37.5=375 Points
Total = 1125 - Losses (12.5 x 80 = 1240) = -115 Points
[yes u lose 80 points/loss and this is negative point gain]

Assuming you play 200 Games
Your points will be [1200+375-115] x 2 = 2920 Points

And it’s darn near impossible to achieve 75% win on someone on the same rank, 50-60% is pretty nice
1 League lower is usually 60-65%
And 2 league lower it’s usually around 80%

And even on such godlike circumstances, with your wins ONLY adding bonus, u can only get 2920 Points.

**TLDR; Matchmaking has serious issues, Point awarding system has Major Issues, Diamond League is a scam, Emerald League Might be a scam. Prizes in Card Tournaments are very very very very bad.

I do hope the devs do see this and make some changes.

It’s really sad being one of the top few players, and not being able to match up frequently to players on your skill level, or players who don’t cause u to lose 80pts everytime u lose, and gain 20 pts everytime you win.**


Very in-depth explanation, kinda sucks that its rigged, really nice post, also welcome to the forums!


Imagine spending 50 hours to get to diamond league just to win a gold legendary and 2 card packs.

Prizes need to be better for higher leagues.


:skull: Lysda is not a new-forumer if that’s what you’re trying to imply

Also, the fact that you only get the prizes of whatever rank you ending up on after the tournament ends makes it more not worth the time really.

@Dev @EndlesS @Jake

Wow, you type so much until my phone exploded but yea, card battle is rigged :ok_hand:


U can’t spend 50hrs as there are only 28 battle hours

And it resets every tournament

I new to this forum I guess, but if your talking about the other pw forums which was shut down, I was there since around the start during beta

I’m so sure it’s not different as the previous forum. Just got modernized.

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Let’s not forget about a bug that’s going on at the moment, where you put an action card you’re not supposed to be picking. It might turn the tide instantly, losing you the game.

Say, you need to remove someone’s effect cards. Suddenly, you use your clan pets instead. Really is annoying when this happens :l

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She’s new to the new forums lmao wdym not the old ones i used to be active on the old forums :skull:

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Yes my forum account for this forum was just created so please guide me on the etiquette of the forums!
Also it’s a he!!!

Oh sorry.

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Also, another thing which should be brought up is how awful the prizes are for a tournament that happens monthly, 1 Golden Legendary Card Pack, which gives u golden card which btw is not really required as you can only have 2 of each cards in a deck at any given time. Sure it does look nice, but for something untradeable and can be gotten from regular card packs, it isn’t so “appealing”

Also that is provided people can hit diamond, i think highest anyone can go is probably emerald.

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Well, ofcourse they’d just dump people’s suggestion. Everything will go unnoticed and everyone will be unheard.

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I will have to disagree on that haha.

Sure they might not accept all suggestions but I think that they are constantly on the lookout on what to bring to the game. Not to mention them being a small team some things might be overlooked.

I’m not a fan of moderators but if we’re talking about developers they’re doing a good job

Hopefully they buff these events that most people having an issue with. I also hope they buff PvP.


don’t get me started on moderators, dont want to name and shame, but i honestly think every mod on this forum does fantastic, especially Freak he does a really good job, blackwight is also o k, Quqqo is a great moderator( hes off duty now though ) but there are a few mods i dislike


I mean having exp when u battle cards would help alot haha

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