Pixel Worlds Completion 100%

So, I’ve currently been challenging myself to actually finish the game. Event related tasks would not be included. Here’s some of my list =

  • Completing Every Achievement
  • Completing the Recipe Book
  • Finishing the Superhero and Butterfly Questline
  • Win WOTW
  • Enter Rift (be classified as a Rifter)
  • Be Level 150

Are there anymore things that I missed, that could possibly be added to the list?
Except collecting every type of ______ ingame,
or have some amount of PLs [since it doesn’t accomplish anything]


Have 100 trusted friends

If this is one of the requirement to get 100% completion, I’d get stuck on 99% forever.

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how about 999pl and 999wls?


How bout we just create 100 alts
But the question is, do you trust yourself?..

“have a every limited item you own”

Kindly re-read the text. Thanks!

Obtain every item. Even though it’s impossible…

Getting the fly quest line will cosy you at least 60pl are you that rich?

You could consider getting 1 of every item as part of it, although I know you said “Except collecting every type of ______ ingame”. Other than that, I think that’s about it? Maybe 5 level 10 pets as well, although that could be considered as “Completing every achievement”.

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You could add:

  • Getting an active world/make a world get 10k Ratings
  • Beeing part of a level 10 Clan and having Reputation Level 10 there aswell
  • Obtaining a main prize such as daily bonus, mining wheel etc. , although this is highly luck based
  • Finishing the world TOWEROFGOD
  • Beating every minigame at FREETOPLAY (sry, had to promote my world :sweat_smile:)
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Completion in games as PW does not really exist. Various possibilities and even more to come in the future that would basically change all of your set goals.

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True, considering that the developers update the game every once in a while

Hmm… a “Multiplayer” Goal one, I might consider that into the completion. Thanks for the suggestion!