Pixel worlds creators will all step down (prediction)

I think that all the creators that are currently in the system will step down due to not knowing if the new devs and the views dropping and also earthh and jennafei have already left and zygora will probably leave after getting hacked if he hasn’t been compensated and Ekip has also quit and this seems like a mess for everyone

bro called zygora “zygote” :skull:


lmaoo i was on autocorrect on my phone lol sorry

Why are there new devs?
Did they sell the game, or just hire new people?

Pretty much all of the old devs left the company because of burnout and loss of interest for the game, so the ones we have left currently are siskea, bbricks and lokalapsi.

And no the game didn’t get sold to another company

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most of teh devs left the company so they are hiring new ones

If the new devs change the way the creator program works, then they will most likely step down

ze goat

lmao zygote xD… imagine calling him like that in one of his live streams

If Siskea will expand the influencer program like allowing other SocMeds like Tiktok, I may prob become Tiktok Influencer, since i have 100k there. Still hoping tho.