Pixel Worlds halloween designs (and maybe for bc store)

i have designed 4 legendary items for next black tower event, which is wings, mask, special item and spirit weapon.
all of em have sprites animation and i send it to support and titled as “for siskea”
ill start working on Ultra Rare items tomorrow, and will send it tomorrow aswell! siskea read support msgs!


I saw your yt vid pretty cool

@Siskea its free real estate accept his bonkers offer

whats his yt channel

I don’t rightly know… During maintenance I was just browsing yt and saw a video titled something like “Most important video of the century PW” or something like that. He showcased tons of items he was designing and they all looked lit.


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thank you bud!
(20 characs)

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I hope to see them on Bytcoin Store :man_vampire: :bat:

We really need new items, and I believe these community designs are the best option for now.

Yeah we need alot of items on the bytecoin store and so much to add to the game from player suggestions.

(Also I got regular rank now yay!)