Pixel Worlds item recolor speedrun Any% 16 seconds

Gotta go fast

(Yeah, it’s that easy to recolor items.)


“Bro can i copy your homework”
“sure just change it a bit so it looks different”


Ghillie Suit Cloak

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These wings look familiar (lessgoo 9 seconds time save, WR 7 seconds):

Reality can be whatever I want

So this topic is kinda a nod that items can be recolored so easily and that yellow sprite wings (actual in game item) got recolored that way, it takes 10-20 seconds for every sprite (you need like 4-5 for every item) so each item is 2 minutes (if we count that you have to jump between tabs etc) and we got only 5-6 recolored items in the recolor update :frowning:

Yeah but you forgot other frames hehe

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You can literally edit all the frames at once I think. Plus wings only have like four different frames.

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That’s cool and all, but where are the pee wings :weary:

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Items only have small amounts of frames, if we add up 10-20 seconds for every frame (sMiiki is right, there are four I think), then it makes 1-2 minutes for every item. Like, in average 8 hours worktime we can do 240 items (assuming we work tirelessly, so let’s kinda say we can make 100)

The PSW! P…Pretty Sprite Wings:

Yeah but you also have to import the files to right places which also takes time (i tried to make mod for one game and i tried to recolor one thing which took long time)

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I need one of those softwares, I have to recolour them pixel by pixel when I try :sweat:

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That’s true, thou admins can open and prepare all sprites from Unity and they can just drag and drop (thou you’re right, that also takes some time)

It’s Aseprite, thou I use a free version and I can’t save anything :frowning:

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1 sprite can take over an hour + any program can crash…

Also if you acidently put recolors to wrong files that will also take some time…

Yes it can sometimes be fast but usually recoloring can take long time…

Also you need to remove the backround of the sprite

But you are right…some sprites are easily resprited but putting them into the game takes the most time

In the game’s side they already have sprites without a background and as seen in the video they can kinda just move the bar thingy to get the color you want
Sometimes a part doesn’t fit
Like the necklace here feels out of place but it still takes less than 5 minutes to change it

(Program crashes most likely very rarely happens)
Also for the people out there who want to recolor things and remove the background first, use this Upload Image – remove.bg (Or just photoshop or photopea’s magic wand tool)
Tried using the remove.bg site , works well enough and does it real quick (Yeah I kind of rushed on screenshotting the image of the sword so it’s cut)

You’re 100% right when it comes to players that don’t have access to sprites, but devs can access any sprite at any moment, png file with no background at all. That’s why it hurts so much that after so many months, hyped up “recolor” update was actually just 6 recolors :frowning:

That’s true, I removed the necklace and just recolored it separate but it happens very rarely in extreme cases like items that got colors on 2 sides of spectrum (gold and blue in this case). For example how quick it is, FarmMiner recolored a ton of items in different colors and he did that with similar methods I think:

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Gotta say, those purple items look cool hehe

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He went master mode on those recolors :sweat_smile:

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