Pixel Worlds Logic

I don’t understand the logic of Pixel Worlds, they’re adding limited items all time, but when they add extremely hard to get items that takes a lot of time and work to obtain they make them unlimited…
Wings of the Deep takes tens of hours of work to get, but since it isn’t limited item, even if the inflation rises (like dracula cape being 400pl when mining update was released and now 3000pl+) these hard to obtain items only goes down on prices, when the mining update was released WotD was worth over 100pl, now it is not even worth 750k bytes and limited items went up 5-10 times already.
EPWR sets are super hard to get, but not worth much at all, it will never rise because it is not limited.
Dark Jet Pack is also super hard to get, but it is not even that expensive… and when they add limited items like how they do in black tower, if you’re lucky enough you can get stuff worth more than items such as WotD, Dark Jet Pack and EPWR without even spending any effort on it.
In my opinion, items that takes a lot of grind should be untradeable, because they deserve to be different, and instead of making Pixel Worlds based on only limited items, they should be adding more untradeable items, so people would have other goals then being ‘‘RICH’’, and even for the ones that are already rich, untradeable items would be a cool goal, because as far as I see world TRADE is dying since all rich players who has no goals left in Pixel Worlds are quitting.


Nice feedback @EkipAli !

I understand and I agree with your arguments.


Trades worlds are “dying” because way less people play Pixel Worlds because they are in their job and also at school, they can’t play.

Wait that the October holidays come… Playerbase will goes like :chart_with_upwards_trend:

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I absolutely 100% agree with you and it’s annoying that the Pixel Worlds economy gets so easily inflated within the certain time base! :triumph:

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Last year, on September, trading worlds like TRADE BUYSWORD BUYWING BUY TRADER were all active, it isn’t just about people having job/school, it is also because the fact people are losing their interest in game. If grinding for hard to get items were worth it, they all would go for it. Untradeable items are always an option to keep the players active.

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This trend of grind has started way before. In my opinion, it started with the Pet Update, specifically the BB Gum JP. It’s not so hard compared to the grinds that were about to come, but this is probably just a foreshadowing of what’s to come.

Every update (excluding seasonals) after Pet Update have some sort of grind of them afterwards. Mining has its dark stones, card game has its absurd amount of trophy requirements, and the worst of them all, Jetrace. Why would you want to grind a good looking jet, when a wooden one would just function the same? It’s not like you’re going to use the jets every time.

Also, regarding the item’s prices. That’s caused by the community. They are often stupid, raising the price of one item to absurd amount of bytes (take dracula for example). These kind of price inflations are very common in halloween legendaries. Look, it does look good, it is hard to get, but the price shouldn’t be worth… 1 year of grinding non-stop when the person who originally got it took 5 minutes. But alas, the community is the community. They never learn now, do they?

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I feel like it started even before the pet update (with deep nether update). But you got a point as well, all updates after the Pet Update were added to keep players in game, because Pixel Worlds thinks that people would play everyday just to feed pets, do daily jet races, grind for trophies in card battle tournament, but the point they don’t get is; prizes we obtain from these aren’t worth it… If these items we get from grinding were untradeable/limited, we would feel like they’re worth grinding everyday, but since we know that in reality they are just unlimited items which will go down in value everyday we know that its not worth grinding.

I got your point, but pixie wings and dark pixie wings are also working the same by giving you double jump. I think you don’t like the fact you work hard for something that isn’t worth it.

Thats the destiny, I’m alright with items going up on value all time, they thought they would stop it by making world locks untradeable, I guess they didn’t know that people were barely using pures to trade with :wink: Everyone was using items to trade with, and they still are, so it is not possible to stop the inflation. My point is, they should be adding untradeable items from now on, instead of adding Hard to get Unlimited Tradeables. So people actually would have fun while grinding for them.


Me with 5000 byte coins:

In all seriousness though I understand your point, having kewl and limited items is pretty nice imo

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