Pixel Worlds Memes #2


Scammers be like:

download (2)

Tell my your favorite :stuck_out_tongue:


good u post it at forum discord mod will kick ur butt if u post it at discord #general.
I like number 1 tho

Bruh moment for sure for sure.

I’ll rate em

  1. 6.5 decent but not especially funny

  2. 5 it just isn’t really a meme for that type of meme
    there is a twist at the end.

  3. 3 for me this doesn’t even make sense lol

  4. 5 hmm I’ve probably seen something like this about 10 times

  5. 7 this is good it made me smile cuz it’s relateable

  6. 5 ok

  7. 5 ok

  8. 5 ok

These memes are decent they’re not that bad I’m giving you an honest review.

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its fine I accept that

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the 3rd one represents the way people (mostly) prefer to say