Pixel worlds on tiktok

So , im sure that most of you know tiktok and u guys know how stupid is the algorythm is there

I saw a youtuber posting one trend with some of his friends on tiktok nonstop (from a 0 follower account) and making it to the For you page , getting tons of likes . Im thinking what if we share pixel worlds ad on tiktok a few times? if 40-50 player does it , im sure at least one of that video will get high views . And thats free advertisement + easy players for pw

i tried to do it, lets see if this vid can get to the feed

  • even more pain to enter BUY and TRADE

Not to be a dingus, but those worlds have been dead for a long time lmao

I just noticed lol

Fix that!

Maybe if tiktok creators could be part of the influencer program