Pixel Worlds state

Hey, I kind of have been looking through threads and saw a lot of “quitting”, “waiting for updates until then not playing” etc. I’d just like to give my two cents on it and clear things up for anyone confused, which from what I’ve seen many of you are. Now of course, this is just my analysis and nothing I say is 100% factual or guaranteed but I would say but I would also say, and many can agree with me that it’s more than likely this game won’t get an update, or new devs for that matter and will shut down on its due date. For those who don’t know, Pixel Worlds HQ is pretty much a rented Amazon owned space, where they have a contract on how long they can use it, as well as keep their servers active on it. From what I’ve been told, theres a total of 3 years paid in advance. As it’s already paid, I can see the game being up for those 3 years for Kukouri’s sake on making money back since it’s already been spent, but what I don’t see are them wasting any more of their budget on Developers when it won’t make them money anyways, which means no updates during the games runtime. Let me explain

Based off this, which is an accurate and reputable website that measures the amount of players that are online & playong in increments of 1 hour, there’s on average around halfway to a thousand players on, and I can bet you the majority of the 500 or so players don’t spend even a cent on the game - let’s be real too, who’s genuinely watching the ads for gems, probably near nobody so that’s a rare occurrence. PW’s peak was in 2020 with 1.3k players on at the same time. Now keep in mind, Growtopia’s average playerbase is 30x-50x PW’s peak (with bots accounted for, still. you get my point its a lot higher). Here’s the link to the website that shows how many pw players are on at a time if you’d like to take a look at it for yourself: Pixel Worlds - Steam Charts

To end this off, let’s talk about what we just talked about + development. Everyone and their mother knows by now Jake along with most of the developers quit to at least what they say: focus on bigger and better things, such as being recruited by a new company. There’s no developers or at least not enough at the current moment, right? No new content to be produced. People have assumed they can just hire new game devs and get back on track like it’s nothing, but labor at any capacity requires money to leave your pockets. Hiring a whole new team could cost 100k-250k would be my educated guess, and if you don’t believe me you can do research on that yourself. If I just talked about how they may lack funds to keep game servers up in the future, they for sure won’t have enough for the amount of devs they have to replace.

I think the only valid option I can see is them selling the game off to an indie developer who believes they’re capable of solo or duo developing the game themselves, similar to Seth and Hamumu for Growtopia back in the glory days. I say that’s the only valid option because, with the numbers I see, a decent game company wouldn’t see interest in buying pw out.

Also a PS, this is just a guess but I highly doubt all devs left at around the same time simply left for better opportunities, I 100% believe there was other problems that couldn’t be mentioned like reduced pay or something.

Anyways, if you learned something let me know. If you want to deny any of this and tell yourself your favorite game can’t die under any circumstance or something that’s cool too. Cya


I dont watch ads and dont spend money in the game.Are you telling that the game will shut down soon?

The servers will be up for at least a few years, so it won’t be going away anytime soon. But where just waiting for the new team of developers at the moment.


Already mentioned the 3 year lease also mentioned funding for devs and how they potentially can’t afford it, or if they did they wouldn’t make their money back.

Do you play MOBA games dude?

Nope not anytime soon but no more updates from what I’m seeing and eventually it being shut down when servers need to be bought out again

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yea sometimes. LoL is fun occasionally

I played LOL i use misfortune but i forgot my password and I cant play in computer shop so no LOL for me because of ovid. I played MLBB but my co broke and know my tab cant handle it so Im playing PW flr the meantime.

There probably were some other reasons for them leaving. Nevertheless, it is their personal choice and we should respect it no matter what.

Firstly, Steam charts do not really display the whole active user-base. There might be hundreds or even thousands of players using mobile phones and, unfortunately, neither Google nor Apple show real-time stats on that so our only option is to guess the real “active base”.

Secondly, currently Pixel Worlds is in a “stagnation” state and everyone should understand that. There is no way Pixel Worlds would be all that shiny and cool all the time: generations change and so does the game. Let’s take Growtopia as an example: the breaking point was around 2015-2016 when the game started stagnating. Why for? Because all previous active players grew up and had other priorities in their lives, developers were burned out and had no creative ideas on how to support the interest of players. The same thing is currently with Pixel Worlds and the only thing we can do is wait.

It takes time to recover and get up. Even if there are new developers, I am personally excited to see what they will offer : )


the steam charts account for anyone ingame, since steam users share a platform with mobile players, they should be accounted for if im not mistaken. I like your enthusiasm and positivity but I just don’t see a future lol. You can also simply take Pixel Worlds youtube views to give you an idea of how big the game is… Umm not looking so swell but, hey. It’s a good quality to look on the bright side

As far as I know, Steam displays a share of PC users only.

Well, the future is kind of dark for the whole world now, not just PW. I believe it is absolutely normal.

As for Pixel Worlds YouTubers, I suppose the content does not interest others? I did watch a few videos and Oh My, is there any actual difference with GT YouTubers? It’s all about “WHAT THE HELL FREE BYTECOINS” “BRAND NEW ITEMS IN PW LOOK HERE” “SCAM FAIL” and etc. It is not really interesting. The content on YouTube itself is degrading. The only motivation is revenue rather than creativity. Yus and Pentatonix were cool at the time but they do not play PW anymore (or do they?)

swag. my favorite game genres are either bullet hells or permadeath mmorpgs

It doesn’t, steam charts doesn’t have access to the games servers to know that

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it uses steam’s api so it is not servers or database related in any way. what?

Great topic! I have always been curious to know who or what are these “new developers” and why they haven’t shown up during the days following the OG devs’ quitting. It certainly made me do some The Rock eyebrow raises, especially since if they were to feature the new developers, certainly they would say the names and maybe show their faces? I dunno.

As much as I don’t wanna be pessimistic and act like Ondrashek06, I have formulated a theory that the old devs have decided to leave the game to die under the guise of “new devs” coming in. Whether this comes true or not - is currently unknown.

The game just isn’t financially viable to begin with. For starters there are no ads if you choose not to watch them for extra gems. Even when you’re at the main menu or literally anywhere, no ad in sight (except at the shop). I guess the devs did this to provide a seamless and unobtrusive experience, but this can hurt them financially when the playerbase finds an easier way to get gems than watching ads.

Furthermore, the OG devs quitting has led to a steady stream of pessimism to the community which has led many, MANY people to quit. Most people were bored of the game and have waited for this moment to quit, a time in limbo where they don’t have to log in to see new updates, because there won’t be any for some time. Many high-profile and popular people and even influencers have also quit/taken breaks, including Shlx, PocketWatch and even Earthh. When influencers start taking long breaks from your game, something’s wrong with your game. Even I have taken a break because, not only is Minecraft more fun, but because I got bored of the game too.

If the game situation turns out to be the one I have said and the game really is doomed, at least I hope that the game turns into a single-player 2D sandbox like, say, The Blockheads, or BOKU BOKU or even Mine Blocks. And make it open source too - people can mess around with it and make mods or entirely new games out of it. Modding was a big reason why other games like Friday Night Funkin’ got popular.


no it will run cuz if there is a new limited item which is untradeable, ppl will ofc wanna buy it. but rn there isnt any.

By salary or wages? Either way, their not getting paid 100k - 250k at once, job adverts won’t cost that much + covid rn so i expect people would be looking for jobs. They might be currently looking at their available options right now, after all, nearly the entire team left at once. They have a lot of things to balance right now and I don’t think giving them more pressure is a good idea, provided of course they don’t spend all year looking for replacements.

They’re* and in total it’d be around that amount whether its hourly pay or salary for say a year. Also I don’t believe a pretty overall dead thread is going to hassle them in any way considering I’m one person who isn’t very important in the game anyways and I did mention this is more of my own guess as to what’s happening. Yep