Pixel Worlds Twitter?

Why is Pixel Worlds twitter dead? Is no there one that manage the account? Last post was in late April. Twitter is a great option for times like maintenance updates. For example giving out the information why the game has a maintenance break and estimated time it will take, so we know whats up, it’s interesting for people to know stop hiding it and I don’t know why the company don’t focus on marketing more. Jake had the drive. No one else seems to care. More marketing more players more money, creates opportunities to get designers. New items keeps the players instead of giving them exact same items they got last year which leads to no expectations, disappointing and nothing to look forward.

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Because twitter is a mistake since day one


Or just use Instagram

If you want nuclear warfares over a simple opinion then go ahead, use twitter.


God made hell and twitter on the same day.


That’s seems more correct than my whole life lmao