Pixelians , what was your best/worst day in Pixel Worlds?

My best day was when I met my best friend that quitted the game.
My worst day is the day I started this game.

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well one of my best days in my opinion was actually the day I started the game not a day when i profited lots of wls now that i think about it i had never played gt and this game was better than a lot of other games i used to play

Worst day is, me getting scammed.

Best day is joining HUECO_MUNDO

Best day > Deleting Growtopia for Pixel Worlds.
Worse day > buying arasaka and demon wings for 10 wls…

Best day: hard to say, I have 2 best days, one was finding a decayed 2 letter world with rare items and other one was finding a decayed world with 300+ wls worth of items.
Worst day: Breaking a fin pennant tree

I think my best day is when I won crab hat from daily bonus.
Worst day was when my best friend quit game.

Best day - when i had a chance to meet Commander_k and gave me Long Blonde
Worst Day - Bought a fake plasma jp and flame sword when the game was hacked. (I didnt know lol)

best day get tridentist shirt in just 2 secret base
worst day no one wanna donate gems to my clan

yeah clans are really hard to start u usually have to level it up to level to yourself or maybe even level 3 to get people to join

Best day was when i was hosting scamfail in 2017 just weeks after starting pw and i was one of few people to meet midnightwalker he nicely put soil on my wls and the scam room and banned me from my world and warped to me with his epicest set in pw and glided when mid cape didn’t even exist, just to tell me that its illigel which something i didn’t acually realize
it felt so good.

Worst day is slowly becoming everyday to me, whenever i say saracstic joke to a random person they take it too serious and a whole drama starts,
and the fact that i have almost no real friends right now after creating a clan which will become level10 in 20 days

exp full gems 17k oof

My best day was probably last year, (Or the year before, I don’t remember) where I was able to earn myself a glimmer necklace through grinding the Nether. It’s not much, but it felt good to get.

My worst day was when I traded a saber for a splasher familiar, and I couldn’t sell it for ages, I ended up selling it for a jetpack, at a loss.