Pixelworlds keyboard shortcuts ⌨

Ingame keyboard shortcuts. Most people probably know these already, but maybe new players don’t


P is familiar emote btw
Also don’t confuse Open chat with Open chat, O doesn’t open the field where you write your message. It just opens the “chat log” (or closes it).
J is to Open Quests/Achievements.
E is to interact (with those buttons that appear on top of things like portals).


W and E can be used to strike a “fish strike”

Imma try this on my phone.

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You can change your input settings to your own preference in-game.


I already figured this out by checking my input settings but I think a few are still not aware of this. Nice topic! :ok_hand:t2:

I wish it was just like this ( P = punch )

J to jump
F to fly

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i altered my keybinds to make e inventory. minecraft big brain.

m for wiring
tab for quests/achievements
i for interact

i probably need to change wiring to something closer to my hand but tbh i never really wire anyway.

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The E for inventory genuis!

Here’s mine:

A - Move left
D - Move right
W - Jump
Space - Hit
E - Interact
C -Open chat input
V - Open inventory
G - Open chat
R - Recipes
Tab - Quests/Achievements
F - Select quick slot fist
X - Select quick slot wrench
Q - Select quick slot block
B - Select quick slot wiring
U - UI on/off
Alpha 1- 0 - Face/body expressions 1-5
T - Familiar expression

Customized mine 'cause it’s easier that way. I’ve put everything on the left side keys (except for the alpha keys and UI) so I won’t have to lift my hands and it’s so much quicker!

you psychopath. that would annoy the hell out of me if whenever i press v to open inventory, it also equipped the wiring tool

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Oh my bad, I meant B for wiring :joy: